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Instant Sandwich Bread

Submitted by Petra.

The first bread I baked in the oven here (a gas oven which will need getting used too, can’t wait until the step down transformer gets here so I can use my trusted old/ fairly new friend again) is from “The Modern Baker” and happens to be also the very last bread I baked in Germany. What a neat way to start my baking here having ended on the same note.

DSCF2241 DSCF1614


This bread is baked rectangular on a sheet rather than  in a round. The first time I made this I read the instructions over and over thinking I must be missing something. I have never made a bread before that I had to roll or push onto a baking sheet.

I have to bring up that I don’t use active dry yeast since I always have instant dry yeast on hand. The price on this was a nice surprise.


I found it in a small Mexican grocery store in Fabens, TX for just $ 2.89 a pound! That is about half of what I used to pay ordering it from King Arthur. After I open the bag I put it in a big jar and keep it in the fridge.

Nick Malgieri uses “active dry” for his breads. He does not even mention the option of Instant dry that makes me believe that it was not yet on the market when he wrote this book. To convert one yeast type to another gaaarp wrote up this conversion chart. Thank you Gaaarp!

First baking in Germany

second baking in El Paso The first time I used the kitchen machine as per instructions and the second time I used my new Viking (this was my Christmas present from my husband, am I lucky or what!). New because he had it sent to Nebraska and we just brought it back with us.

I did not notice any difference in the dough. I however did notice a difference in how it baked from one oven to the next. I prefer the first version though the second was just as good.

And there you have it “Instant Sandwich Bread”! I cut those into squares for sandwiches or morning toast (this bread tastes delicious toasted). If you have not baked this bread yet go ahead and give it a try. It’s very easy to make (great news for beginners) and takes less than two hours from start to finish.

 NOTE: This bread tastes best the day it’s baked or the next morning toasted. So only bake enough to eat right away or freeze the rest like mentioned in the book.



1. Kayte - September 12, 2010

Here’s my Instant Sandwich Bread — a big hit around here! Definitely a repeat recipe. http://grandmaskitchentable.typepad.com/grandmas_kitchen_table/2010/09/modern-baker-instant-sandwich-bread.html

2. teaandscones - August 21, 2010
3. Margaret - August 18, 2010

I really loved making this bread. Spread in pan. bake. slice. devour.

It made great sandwiches. Great garlic bread. great bread.

4. petra - August 18, 2010

I am so sorry to let you hanging withot a post for so long.

I am finally back in the kitchen and baking. So below is a link to my write up.
Made this one twice using both a processor and a mixer. Like Malgieri mentions this is best eaten fresh. If you have more than you can handle the day it’s baked do yourself a favor and freeze it. I would do this will all of the breads that do not allow for longer fementation.


5. gaaarp - August 6, 2010
6. gaaarp - August 5, 2010
7. ap269 - August 4, 2010

I don’t know why this bread is called sandwich bread – my result resembled the Turkish flatbread we can buy in Germany. It was yummy, though. Here’s my post about it: http://ap269.wordpress.com/2010/08/04/the-modern-baker-challenge-breads-%e2%80%93-instant-sandwich-bread/

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