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Cinnamon-scented Baked Chocolate Mousse Cake

Blog post by Renee.

The Modern Bakers are still hard at work on churning out all these cakes. This cinnamon-scented baked chocolate mousse cake has tremendous potential!
N.M. says he makes this cake when he has a bare minimum of time for a dessert. I don’t disagree that it’s a great option for a last minute dessert and one would usually have all the ingredients on hand, however, since I was anticipating this cake so much the bake time of one hour was torturous.

The cake is quite simple to make with only 5 ingredients (6 if you count water). There is no flour in this cake, although plenty of eggs. It’s baked in a pan of water to insulate the bottom. N.M. says this is much like cheesecake, however I’ve never baked cheesecake in a pan of water. Perhaps I’m missing out.

The cake has a great texture. It’s spongy and light. The flavor was great, however personally I’d have liked the cinnamon scent to be stronger. In fact, I wouldn’t mind dropping the “scented” and putting in enough cinnamon to taste. N.M. has some other great ideas about using rum or orange liqueur in place of the cinnamon. A very versatile cake this is!


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