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Devil’s Food Cake with Fluffy White Icing

Blog post by Renee.

This cake is the reason I joined the Modern Bakers! It’s the cake on the cover of the cookbook. It seems only fitting it be the last cake I blog about. Can you believe it! I baked my way through the entire cookbook! I learned so much and am so grateful to Nick Maligieri for all that he taught me about baking. I will be using this cookbook for years to come. I am also so grateful to Phyl for starting this challenge! Thanks Phyl! I look forward to seeing our baking adventure! If you want to see everything I’ve baked, check out my Modern Baker page.
If I haven’t mentioned it before chocolate cake with white icing is my favorite dessert. I agree with N.M. that this is an American classic and in my opinion it out shines apple pie by a long shot!

I made a half recipe of the cake and baked it in a 6” pan.  Unfortunately, I only have one six inch pan so I had to bake the cake,  cool it, turn the cake out, clean the pan and then repeat.

Little Charlotte peeking at the cake and asking again, “When do we get to eat it?”

The devil’s food cake is very good. The recipe only uses brown sugar and uses melted unsweetened chocolate instead of cocoa powder for the chocolate flavor. The cake is actually not very sweet. It’s moist and chocolatey but not very sugary on it’s own. The frosting is quite sweet so the pairing worked together perfectly.

It is truly amazing what egg whites and sugar can do when whipped! Fluffy fluffy icing! Again I halved the recipe and I wasn’t sure two egg whites and some sugar would cover a whole cake, but it sure did! There was even a little left over for the girls and I to lick off the beaters.
To make the icing you dissolve the sugar and corn syrup in the egg whites. Once they’re dissolved the egg whites are beaten in a stand mixer for quite awhile. The directions said until the mixture is cool. I set the mixer and went and cleaned the living room. When I returned the volume in the mixer had exponentially expanded and I had fluffy icing!!
And, there you have it. The perfect cake to finish a fantastic challenge!


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