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Viennese Raisin Coffee Cake

Blog post by Sara.

Nick Malgieri describes Vienna as the world capital of cakes in his introduction to the recipe for Viennese Raisin Coffee Cake.  Aha:  perhaps it’s not the culture, history, music, and architecture…


Wien Austria

that make Vienna one of my favorite cities–it’s the desserts!

viennese pastries

Only appropriate that I make this cake for the Modern Baker Challenge, given that I have a kugelhopf mold.  (Yes, rather than a bundt cake mold.  I told you I love Vienna.)  I’m jumping around a bit here, I do acknowledge (what’s that you say?  I haven’t even finished the assigned chapter, “yeast risen specialties”, yet?).  But I can’t bear to think of making all those cakes all at once (I just got off the baby weight!) and, less virtuously, I don’t want to wait.

What I found interesting is that this cake is raised by both whipped egg whites and baking powder.  In that way it is similar to the other kugelhopf that I made, which was raised by egg whites and yeast.  I think this gave the cake a bit of a drier texture (I have noticed that cakes in Prague were often dry, and I think it is a result of using a meringue to raise the cakes).  Cakes like Sachertorte are always served with a dollop of whipped cream,

and, while far more modest a cake, I think a similar treatment would serve this cake well.

After all these fancy photos, here’s my pictures of the cake itself, a good all-purpose cake.  I think you could dress it up as I mentioned above, or with a nice fruit compote or coulis, but as it’s not too sweet and not too fussy you can have it anytime of day.



1. teaandscones - November 5, 2012

Beautiful Cake, Sara. Love the kugalhopf mold.

2. Kayte - July 18, 2012

Nice post, Sara! Loved the look of yours as well, Phyl. We loved loved loved this cake and I know that I will make it again and again and be gifting it around. So pretty, too. Here’s my post: http://grandmaskitchentable.typepad.com/grandmas_kitchen_table/2012/07/modern-baker-viennese-raisin-coffee-cake.html

3. gaaarp - July 2, 2012

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