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Deep Dish Peach Pie with Woven Lattice Crust

Blog post by Mariko.

I am no stranger to blogging, having had a private online journal for over ten years, nor am I new to Nick Malgieri’s Modern Baker, but this is my first time combining the two! I have been reading the blog for a few months now and finally decided to try my hand at blogging + baking.

I chose Nick’s Deep Dish Peach Pie with woven lattice crust on page 202-203. I had some friends over to help bake and eat, so I didn’t necessarily follow the exact order. I started the blanching of the peaches (Step Eight) and while a friend finished and peeled, I made the pastry crust.  While it was chilling, I prepared the filling. After that, I wove the crust (skipped the chilling Step 6), and then I baked.

With the exception of sweet potato, this is the first time I’ve made a fruit pie using fresh fruit, not canned pie filling. I didn’t know how to tell if peaches were “perfectly ripe,” so I just bought ones you could squeeze that were less than firm. I think this strategy worked well because they baked up perfectly.  I also found that if you are going to be using bigger peaches (about the size of an apple), you need about 11 to make five pounds, not the 16-20 that Nick suggests.

Blanching peaches was new to me as well, but the instructions were very clear. I learned that the “blossom end” is the bottom, and I put them in the boiling water for longer than 10 seconds—more like 90. Then it’s chill, peel, and slice. The skins came off pretty well.

I have made Nick’s puff pastry before, except I used the instructions out of his more recent cookbook, bake! where the instructions are a lot more clear.  My puff pastry came out really good.  The recipe calls for 1/4th of a batch, but I used half of one. I probably didn’t roll it out thin enough because I was afraid of smooshing the layers, but I still don’t think 1/4th would have been enough.

The first seven steps of the recipe on page 202 are making the lattice. I found them to be very wordy and complicated, so since I already knew how to weave a lattice, I just did it freehand.  This made me miss the step that says to weave it onto something movable- parchment paper or a cookie sheet. I weaved mine on the countertop and it almost didn’t survive the transfer! I also skipped the chilling step. Steps 7 and 12 are identical, so preheat just before you lay the crust onto the peaches.

Additionally, I used two glass pie plates, as I did not have a glass casserole pan and didn’t want to use a metal cake pan. The peaches filled both nicely and the lattice on top made it look like an old-fashioned pie you see on the windowsills of Rockwell paintings.

Unfortunately, I forgot Step 12, the egg wash and sugar, so my crust didn’t brown quite as nicely. But in the end, the peach pie was a hit! I served it with vanilla frozen yogurt to keep it light and summery, and sweet white wine. It was a fun recipe to bake and share with friends.



1. Diann Novak - September 22, 2011

looks so yummy i have to try this!!!!!!!!!!

2. {MB Challenge} Deep Dish Peach Pie « Tea and Scones - September 19, 2011

[…] of the Modern Baker Challenge have already made the pie. And there are process pictures on The Puff Pastry Page. And take a look at Phyl’s. LD_AddCustomAttr("AdOpt", "0"); LD_AddCustomAttr("Origin", […]

3. Margaret - September 18, 2011

Great Process pics. This was a really tasty pie.

4. Kayte - September 17, 2011

Beautiful! Love the process photos, thanks for including all those. I have never made a lattice on a surface before, I always just do them on top of the pie, I wonder why he has us do it on a surface first, guess I need to read the recipe and find out. Great job on this!

5. Abby - September 17, 2011

Wow, this looks great! The lattice looks beautiful…you’d never know you had a near-disaster. =)

6. gaaarp - September 5, 2011

Even without perfect peaches, this was delicious!


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