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Swiss Walnut Crescents

Blog post by Sara.

Every so often I realize there’s a blog post that I’ve drafted, and maybe even redrafted, and then forgotten about.  And then suddenly you realize that this was eight months ago.  (Or longer.  I have a post on a cranberry tart from last November that it went stale–I could hardly publish it in April–though I suppose that’s less of a problem).

I’m not that delayed on everything.  Though I made these Swiss Walnut Crescents from the Modern Baker puff pastry chapter back in February, we are only now officially posting for this chapter in the Modern Baker Challenge.  So, I’m on time after all.

And even though I made these a while back, I remember them well (and not just because they were delicious!)  Making the filling was unusual–the first step is to soak and rehydrate bread crumbs in milk.  Only then do you add the chopped walnuts, sugar, and other flavorings.  Who would have thought that dried bread crumbs form the base for a rich filling?

As with most of the puff pastry recipes, once you have your puff pastry dough made, the rest is smooth sailing.  Compared to pie dough, puff seems to roll out almost effortlessly and doesn’t need to be treated so gingerly.  Making the little crescent-shaped rolls is one of those things that looks tricky and finicky but actually effortless.  Fold the top two corners of your triangle towards the center to encase the filling, then roll up your packet towards the third point of your triangle.  Make sure this tip is tucked under your final roll, flush against the cookie sheet, so your pretty crescents don’t unravel during baking.

Chill the rolls in the refrigerator for an hour (though less delicate than pie dough, puff pastry is subject to the same rules:  cold cold  cold), paint with egg wash, and bake.

Golden brown on the outside…

And on the inside:  just look at these flaky layers!



1. gaaarp - September 28, 2011

These are a lot like keeflees — only better: http://wp.me/pwL3l-J3

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