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Quick Breads

This is where we’ll post our blogs and comments about the first section of the book, Quick Breads. You can see the list of recipes under the About tab above. If you’d like to “claim” one or more recipes and have your blog post about that recipe featured here, leave a comment to this post stating which recipe(s) you are claiming.  You can also stake your claim in this poll:  http://www.doodle.com/c46ghg6hbrwf6cdw


1. Irish Soda Bread Muffins « Of Cabbages & King Cakes - May 15, 2010

[…] quick bread, recipe, Unsalted butter One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about the Quick Breads section of The Modern Baker is that the breads really are quick. For example, in the 15 minutes it took to […]

2. gaaarp - April 25, 2010

For those of you baking the quick breads, I’m a bit ahead of schedule (I just baked Real Welsh Scones this weekend), and I noticed that the next recipe, Ginger Scones, calls for crystallized ginger, which I don’t normally keep on hand. NM cautions us to buy crystallized ginger that is tender and moist, not dry and hard.

I guess I’ll have to make a King Arthur order soon!

Nancy (n.o.e.) - April 26, 2010

Seems that I’ve been able to find crystallized ginger in the grocery store – maybe in the bulk section? But I’m sure KA’s would be fab.

3. gaaarp - April 12, 2010

A number of you have asked about our baking schedule. People want to be sure they are baking at the right pace.

As I’ve noted, we don’t have a set schedule, where we all bake the same recipe at the same time. But if you want to make sure you are “keeping up”, there are 15 breads in this section, and we are baking from it for three months. So, if you bake 5 recipes/month, you’ll be right on track.

At that pace, by the end of April, you would be up to the Whole Grain Apple Bread. By the end of May, Butterscotch Scones. And you’d finish the last 5 recipes by the end of June. These are not hard and fast dates; but it will give you an idea of a good pace if you want to bake all 15 recipes in the allotted time.

4. astheroshe - April 11, 2010

Everything has been claimed! Hurray! Welcome new bloggers 🙂 Can’t wait to check out your recipes and blogs 🙂

5. AnneMarie - April 11, 2010

I really enjoyed the cornbread. http://rosemarygarlicgarden.blogspot.com/2010/04/spicy-jalapeno-cornbread.html

Is there a calendar with the weeks for each bread? Or what week we are on? Either way, I think I am a little early, I know that you posted that you didn’t mind.


gaaarp - April 11, 2010

We’re just kind of all baking at our own pace. It’s almost one bread per week, so we really “should” be on the second or third recipe. A lot of people are picking and choosing, so they aren’t baking them all. Those of us who are attempting to bake them all should be able to hit the mark timewise at the one a week pace.

gaaarp - April 11, 2010


Could you go into your blog post, cut the text and pctures, paste them into an e-mail, and send it to me at phyl(dot)law(at)gmail(dot)com? For some reason, I can’t select just the post to copy it over here without getting all the sidebars, etc.



6. AnneMarie - April 11, 2010

I am making the spicy jalapeno cornbread for dinner tonight. I will claim in in all of its savory deliciousness.

gaaarp - April 11, 2010

Hooray! Now we have a full house. I thought I might end up having to post those by default. Thanks for picking them up. I’m looking forward to trying this recipe, and can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

7. chayacomfycook - April 9, 2010

I chose the date walnut bread or is it the walnut date bread? I did not see muffins. Off to look again.


gaaarp - April 9, 2010

And then there was one. Who’s going to take the Spicy Jalapeno Cornbread?!?

8. ap269 - April 6, 2010

Just posted my “claim”: the cocoa banana muffins. http://wp.me/pv1QP-xG

9. ap269 - April 3, 2010

2 breads left to claim: Date Walnut Bread and Spicy Jalapeno Cornbread…

gaaarp - April 3, 2010

I piggishly claimed 2 recipes. If anyone wants the second one — Pecorino & Pepper Biscuits — I will concede it.

10. O'Neil's Lab (Lara) - April 3, 2010

I will post about the apple raisin bread and probably one of the scones and muffins

11. gaaarp - April 3, 2010

Several people have asked about the order and/or speed for baking each section. As I’ve mentioned, I plan to bake the recipes in order, at a pace of about one per week. You are welcome to bake in any order you like, and to make as many or as few recipes in each section as your time and appetite allow.

As for the blogging, I will post each blog as it comes in, rather than trying to do them in order. That way, no one will feel pressured to get a particular recipe done lest they hold up the group. And as you bake your clamed recipe(s), you can create your posts while everything is still fresh in your mind.

If you’re not the “official” poster for a recipe, we’d still love to see your blog. When the official post goes up, add a link to your post in the comments section.

12. gaaarp - April 3, 2010

We’re down to three recipes to claim: Date Walnut Bread, Apple Raisin Bread, and Spicy Jalapeño Cornbread.

13. Renee - April 3, 2010

I took triple chocolate scones.

14. AnneMarie - April 2, 2010

I picked the sweet rusks for dunking.

15. astheroshe - April 2, 2010

Ok..scones will done this weekend….Next weekend I will be out of town, so i am afraid i will miss a post…unless i feel very bake-y on Sun when i return..LOL 🙂

16. Abby - March 30, 2010

Just switched my bread. Blueberry crumb muffins were my first choice, so I grabbed them when Andrea let them go! That means that triple chocolate scones are available again! (although I’m happy to write them up if no one else wants to…)

ap269 - March 31, 2010

This is funny, we seem to prefer the same things – sounds like you and your family have a massive sweet tooth, too 😉

17. ap269 - March 30, 2010

I’ll give up the blueberry crumb muffins for the moment – want to give others the chance to pick something first. If nobody will claim them, I will be more than happy to claim them again. So, now 5 breads are left to claim!

18. ap269 - March 30, 2010

Only 4 breads left – cool. Come on and sign up for: Date Walnut Bread, Apple Raisin Bread, Spicy Jalapeño Cornbread & Sweet Rusks for Dunking.

19. gaaarp - March 29, 2010

Since I gave up the Cocoa Banana Muffins, I’ll take the Pecorino & Pepper Biscuits.

ap269 - March 30, 2010

I just signed you up for the Pecorino & Pepper Biscuits in the poll – hope that’s fine with you. You also claim the chocolate spice bread, no?

gaaarp - March 30, 2010

Yes, I thought I’d take on one of the early ones to get things rolling. Thanks for updating the poll. I tried to do that last night, but it told me there was already a gaaarp and that I should pick a different name!

ap269 - March 30, 2010

Oh, you can edit every entry, it’s on the bottom of the page, and then you can check or uncheck whatever you want. For me as the poll administrator I could have chosen that only I can edit, but I thougt that wouldn’t be kind of annoying.

ap269 - March 30, 2010

I just checked that. You couldn’t have edited yours, probably because the system realizes that I submitted the data. So the first 5 entries that I made are locked. But if you want I can delete yours, and then you submit your data again, and then you also should be able to edit the entry.

gaaarp - March 30, 2010

That’s OK. You seem to check in here often enough to keep the poll updated. I’m like you: I am waiting to let others claim more recipes, but I’ll pick up some extras if no one wants them.

20. Sara - March 29, 2010

I have already written the fennel fig and almond post so I’d be happy to claim that one! It is supposed to auto-publish April 1st. (I say supposed to because I’ve never tried that feature before).

ap269 - March 29, 2010

I always schedule my Daring Bakers/Cooks posts, and it always worked. Looking forward to reading your post!

gaaarp - March 29, 2010

Sara, that’s great. Thanks! I write posts ahead of time and schedule them, too. It always works great.

After it posts, I’ll copy the post here and link to your blog. I’m still trying to figure out how to create sub-pages, so that will give me a little time to sort it all out.

21. misterrios - March 29, 2010

Sorry, I posted too fast. AP, Is it okay if take the scones?

22. misterrios - March 29, 2010

I’m down with the butterscotch scones, if that’s alright by everyone.

23. Abby - March 28, 2010

I just signed up for the triple-chocolate scones!

24. ap269 - March 28, 2010

:o(. I just wanted to claim the cocoa banana muffins, but they are already taken. So let me check the book real quick. OK, so I will post about the butterscotch scones and the blueberry crumb muffins. And if nobody wants the triple chocolate scones, I would do those, too.

gaaarp - March 28, 2010

If you want the cocoa banana muffins, you can have them. I cheated anyway — already baked and blogged on them!

I currently have you down for the three recipes you originially mentioned. Let me know if you want to add cocoa banana muffins and if you need to drop one of the other ones. You are welcome to blog on as many as you like; I just don’t want to overwhelm you!!

ap269 - March 28, 2010

Cool. Thanks! Then I take the cocoa banana muffins and the blueberry crumb muffins. And just in case nobody wants the butterscotch scones and the triple chocolate scones, just let me know… I just created a little poll so people don’t get confused which breads are already taken: you can find it here and if you want you can just put up the link in the post: http://www.doodle.com/c46ghg6hbrwf6cdw

25. Kayte - March 28, 2010

I will post the Irish Soda Bread Muffins in honor of my Granny Franny (maiden name O’Brien from the county Armaugh in Ireland). If you need any others posted, just let me know. Figure others need a chance to pick something first.

26. Nancy (n.o.e.) - March 27, 2010

I will blog about the Whole Wheat Currant Bread!!

27. gaaarp - March 27, 2010

I will post about the Chocolate Spice Bread and Cocoa Banana Muffins.

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