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Whole Wheat Currant Bread

Submitted by Nancy.

As much as I love to bake with yeast (and I love it enough to have started a bread blog!), I forgot how much fun it is to bake a quick bread. This Whole Wheat Currant Bread is about as quick as a quick bread can get; it’s oil-based, so no messing around with softening or melting butter. The currants don’t have to be washed, peeled, cooked, or chopped, just measure and stir ’em in. An added bonus to this recipe: it’s a deliciously easy way to work whole grains into your diet.

n.o.e.’s notes:

– This bread is from Nick Malgieri’s The Modern Baker. I received this book for my birthday last year – in June – and only managed to bake one recipe from it. When Phyl of Of Cabbages and Kings (@gaaarp on twitter) formed a group to bake through the book, I jumped at the chance. Well, to clarify: my jump was quick but not deep! As much as I’d love to bake every single recipe in The Modern Baker, I can’t swing that kind of commitment. Luckily this group is quite relaxed and flexible – there is no participation or posting requirement. Being a member of the group will give me the incentive to dip into the book from time to time, joining the others when I can and using the resources of this excellent group as an aid to my baking. Phyl has structured the baking so that the group will spend 3 months on each of the book’s four sections. Different bakers will take turns “hosting” the recipes, and this bread is the one that I chose.

– Because this is “my” recipe, I’ve included some process pictures, for the second time in a week! And like the Swedish Visiting Cake, this recipe is so simple that the pictures are a little superfluous.

– I baked 2/3 recipe in a smallish loaf pan.

– For whole wheat flour, I used King Arthur’s Irish Style Wholemeal Flour, which is a rough textured soft whole wheat flour made from red wheat.

– The group doesn’t publish the recipes from The Modern Baker, but here are the steps that I followed:

Whisk eggs with sugar and brown sugar;

then whisk in milk (I used whole milk, but you could also use buttermilk)

and oil.

With a rubber (silicone in my case) spatula, fold in a mixture of whole wheat flour, baking powder and salt,

then add currants

and fold them in.

Scrape the batter into a loaf pan and bake in a 350 degree oven.

the verdict:

The bread is sweeter than I thought it’d be, which comes mostly from the currants. The flour I used gave the bread a nice rustic platform, and I could taste the brown sugar’s molasses flavor. But the currants, it’s really their show, and they perform admirably. My favorite way to eat this bread was toasted, hot with butter.



1. petra - May 20, 2010

Got to this quick bread yesterday. It’s another winner. Just love those quick breads. Amazing how they eluted me for so long.

2. Nick Malgieri - April 26, 2010

Nancy, I applaud your math proficiency. I love to monkey around with recipes and make 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 times for a larger pan for example, but it makes just as much sense to prepare less sometimes. When Mod Baker was in the outline stage my editor aksed for more whole grains and this was one of the results. I love the way the nuttiness of the whole wheat flour marries with the sweetness of the currants

3. Kayte - April 22, 2010
4. gaaarp - April 22, 2010

Love your post and love this bread!

Here’s my post: http://gaaarp.wordpress.com/2010/04/14/whole-wheat-currant-bread/

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