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Rich Pie Dough for Savory Pies & Tarts

Post by Kayte.

     The fourth recipe I made from the Savory Tarts & Pies section (the 32nd recipe overall in this book) of The Modern Baker  by Nick Malgieri, was the one for Rich Pie Dough, on page 128. 

      The ingredient list for the Rich Pie Dough:  all-purpose flour, salt, baking powder, butter, and eggs.  All the crusts are made in the food processor, which I find quick and easy and who doesn’t love to push that button and see it all come together in the space of a less than a minute? MB Rich Pie Dough and Pepin eggs 003
      After it begins to come together in an almost-ball shape, the work is done, the dough is turned out onto a piece of plastic wrap. MB Rich Pie Dough and Pepin eggs 008
       The wrap is pulled over it, shaped into a disk gently, and popped into the refrigerator for an hour. MB Rich Pie Dough and Pepin eggs 010
       When the dough has chilled a bit, making it a little easier to handle and roll, it comes out of the refrigerator and is rolled to fit the size of the tart pan. MB Rich Pie Dough and Pepin eggs 012
      After fitting it into the pan and trimming off the top to make it even and pretty, I filled the tart and baked it as directed for the recipes. MB Rich Pie Dough and Pepin eggs 016
      The tart pan shown here is my new 6″ size that I just got this week.  I have 11″, 9″, and 4.5″ pans but I wanted this 6″ size because that is the size that the guys will eat in one sitting as a side dish (they aren’t too fond of just having a tart for dinner and nothing else so I use it as an addition to dinner rather than the main meal…they are also not fond of eating the leftovers in savory tarts that my larger pans make) and the littler pans have too much of a crust-filling ratio.  Anyway, the little 6″ tart pan is lovely to work with. 
      One recipe of the Rich Pie Dough makes three of the 6″ tart size doughs.  The total dough weight is just short of 15 ounces, so dividing that into thirds leaves you with just short of 5 ounces of dough for each crust.  I measured it on my scale, then wrapped each ball separately so I could just pull out the proper amount of dough for that pan.  I used one of the doughs and froze the others, marking the plastic for ease of reference as I have various doughs sitting and waiting for various things for various pan sizes.  It actually looks like I know what I am doing if you see them all sitting in the freezer ready to go. 
      If you would like to bake along or be a part of the Modern Baker group, you will find all that, plus a tab to link to the blogs posting the Breads, with the blogroll here.


1. gaaarp - April 5, 2011

Easy and delicious. This crust will help you overcome your fear of rolling pie dough.


2. Kayte - April 2, 2011

Here’s my post for the Rich Pie Dough, which is a dream to make and work with…thumbs up on this one! http://tinyurl.com/3mcwokb

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