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Swiss Onion Tart

Blog post by Kayte.

Sophie, MIC Meet, MB Swiss Onion Tart 011
      The first recipe I made from the Savory Tarts & Pies section of The Modern Baker 
by Nick Malgieri, was the one for Swiss Onion & Cheese Tart, on page 140, using the Rich Pie Dough recipe on page 128 for the tart crust.  (We are not publishing recipes from the book, so if you like what you see, buy the book and bake along with or without us). 

      After finishing up the last section, we are now moving into this next section of the book, Savory Tarts & Pies for the next three months.  There are 15 recipes in this section, so that averages about 5 a month if you want to make them all (except if you are me, tend to put things off, and have to do 5 in the last week as has been the case so far, I think).     

       The ingredient list for the crust dough:  all-purpose flour, butter, baking powder, and eggs.   The filling ingredients:  milk, cream, flour, eggs, butter, onions, cheese (I used smoked Swiss cheese as I had that on hand), bacon (I used a smoked one to go with the smoked cheese), nutmeg, salt & pepper. 
      I like to make pie dough crust in the food processor, and this recipe calls for that. It was fast, makes a lovely dough that is easy to roll, and the end product is very tasty. 
      The filling ingredients are mixed, poured into the tart shell, baked, and cooled for five minutes before removing from the tart pan.  I baked it for the time specified and that ended up being exactly how we like quiche-type things, when the eggs are cooked, but still soft and not set so hard that they are rubbery. Sophie, MIC Meet, MB Swiss Onion Tart 021
      We ate it nice and warm and I loved it…anything with onions is always appreciated.  The guys?  Well, they ate it, said it was good, and then promptly said afterward, “This isn’t a repeat for us as we don’t really like that many onions all that much.”  Noted.  Will it be a repeat?  Oh, yeah, in mini form, for me as I thought it was great!


1. ap269 - March 16, 2011

Here’s my post about it: http://ap269.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/modern-baker-challenge-swiss-onion-tart/. Not bad, but definitely not the best tart in the book.

2. gaaarp - January 22, 2011

This was another winner from the savory tarts section!!


3. Swiss Onion Tart {ModBak} « Of Cabbages & King Cakes - January 22, 2011

[…] out the Modern Baker Challenge blog to see Kayte’s bacon-lovers version of this tart and to view blogs on all the recipes in the […]

4. Kayte - January 8, 2011

Okay, here’s my post. This is really a great recipe if you like onions, and I do!! http://grandmaskitchentable.typepad.com/grandmas_kitchen_table/2011/01/modern-baker-swiss-onion-cheese-tart.html

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