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Mango & Rice Tart

Blog post by Andrea .

We’ve started with a new section of “The Modern Baker” by Nick Malgieri in the Modern Baker Challenge – Sweet Tarts and Pies. I already made 2 recipes from this section long ago: the Parisian Fruit Tarts and the Chocolate Orange Hazelnut Tart. Both were fantastic! One of the official recipes I claimed from this section is the Mango & Rice Tart.

The recipe says to use the Press-In Cookie Dough, but I used it for the Parisian Fruit Tarts and couldn’t get them out of the pans, so I had written down a note saying: use different crust. That’s what I did for this tart: I chose the Sweet Tart Dough. It came together easily and I used a combination of rolling the dough out and pressing it into the pan – yes, I’m still afraid of rolling out tart crusts! While the crust was in the oven I prepared the filling: cooked some Jasmine rice in my fancy rice cooker, made a syrup from sugar and water, added coconut cream and salt, scraped the hot rice into the coconut cream mixture and let it absorb the liquid for about 4 hours. Then I scraped the coconut rice into the tart crust, spread it evenly and arranged the mango pieces. For some reason, my mango slicing skills are more than decent, so I decided to use cubes. Slices would definitely look neater, but I thought the looks were fine. Verdict: this is a keeper recipe. It tastes like a combination of sweet tart crust, sweet coconut risotto and mango – FANTASTIC!



1. ap269 - April 9, 2011

Made this one today: tastes like tart with rice pudding and fruit. Awesome! http://ap269.wordpress.com/2011/04/09/modern-baker-challenge-mango-rice-tart/

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