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Yeast-Risen Specialties, Sweet & Savory

This section comes at the perfect time. There are a lot of great recipes here for your holiday baking.

As in the past, we will bake out of this section for three months, from October through December, 2010. You are welcome to bake as many or as few recipes as you’d like. We will have one “official” blogger for each recipe, and that person’s post will appear here. Others who make the same recipe are encouraged to blog about it, too, and are asked to add a link to their blog post in the Comments section for the recipe.

There is no set time-frame for each post, as long as the official posts are up by the end of December. Add your post or link as you finish the recipe and blog about it. That way, we can all benefit from what you learned when we get to that recipe.

If you’d like to be the official blogger for a recipe, leave a Comment below. Posts will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Feel free to claim more than one recipe, too.

One last thing. You’ll note that there is no blog page for the Dough for Thick-Crusted Pizza & Focaccia recipe on page 114. That’s because this recipe is used as the base for the four recipes that follow it in the book, so anyone who makes those recipes will start by making the dough and can comment on it in their blog posts.


1. Filled Ham & Cheese Focaccia {ModBak} « Of Cabbages & King Cakes - December 18, 2010

[…] final recipe in the Yeast-Risen Specialties section of the Modern Baker Challenge is another focaccia. What differentiates this recipe from the […]

2. Focaccia alla Barese: Apulian Onion, Anchovy, & Olive Focaccia {ModBak} « Of Cabbages & King Cakes - December 11, 2010

[…] I made recently, the Focaccia alla Barese is part of the Yeast-Risen Specialties section of the Modern Baker Challenge. And like the Sfincione, this recipe featured anchovies, so I knew I would be eating it […]

3. teaandscones - December 4, 2010
4. teaandscones - December 4, 2010

Made the Ham and Cheese filled focaccia – the American way.


5. gaaarp - November 28, 2010

We didn’t assign the Focaccia/Pizza Dough recipe as a blog post, but after making it a few times, I had to write about it.

Even if you weren’t planning to make the focaccia recipes (I know, I know, they have anchovies in them), you should still try this dough for focaccia or pizza. It’s very simple and absolutely delicious.


6. Dough for Thick-Crusted Pizza & for Focaccia {ModBak} « Of Cabbages & King Cakes - November 28, 2010

[…] next recipe in The Modern Baker isn’t actually one of the assigned recipes in the Yeast-Risen Specialties section of the Modern Baker Challenge. The Pizza/Focaccia Dough on page 114 is used as the base […]

7. One-Step Croissants {ModBak} « Of Cabbages & King Cakes - November 24, 2010

[…] Modern Baker Challenge, Nick Malgieri I have been looking forward to the next recipe in the Yeast-Risen Specialties section of The Modern Baker for some time. I love croissants and have made them the traditional way […]

8. BABKA!! Made me want to throw a plate. OOMPA!! {ModBaker} « Tea and Scones - November 21, 2010

[…] for a wonderful tasty treat!! (oh, and Nick, too, for making it easy)The Babka is part of the Yeast Risen Specialties when the Modern Bakers are baking from until the end of December. Why don’t you come join […]

9. Bakery Crumb Buns {ModBak} « Of Cabbages & King Cakes - November 15, 2010

[…] seventh recipe in the Yeast-Risen Specialties section of the Modern Baker Challenge is Bakery Crumb Buns. This recipe begins with a sweet yeast […]

10. Ginger-Scented Panettone {ModBak} « Of Cabbages & King Cakes - November 14, 2010

[…] second assigned blog post for the Yeast-Risen Specialties section of the Modern Baker Challenge is Ginger-Scented Panettone. I’m not sure why I picked […]

11. Cornmeal Buttermilk Waffles {ModBak} « Of Cabbages & King Cakes - October 31, 2010

[…] in September, before we got to the Yeast-Risen Specialties section in the Modern Baker Challenge, I was in the mood for waffles. I don’t make waffles […]

12. Kouing Amman: Breton Butter & Sugar Pastry {ModBak} « Of Cabbages & King Cakes - October 30, 2010

[…] So begins Nick Malgieri‘s description of Kouing Amman. Who wouldn’t want that? Flaky, buttery croissant dough crusted in caramelized sugar. So, even though I had never heard of this pastry, I was excited to try the next recipe in the Modern Baker Challenge. […]

13. {Modern Baker} Sfincione: Palermo Focaccia « Tea and Scones - October 30, 2010

[…] video of Nick making focaccia which will show you just how easy it is to make. Other members of The Modern Baker Challenge will be making this so check out how they did. And get a copy of Malgieri’s book – […]

14. teaandscones - October 30, 2010
15. Cinnamon Breakfast Ring {ModBak} « Of Cabbages & King Cakes - October 27, 2010

[…] Modern Baker, Modern Baker Challenge, Nick Malgieri, proofing dough The third bread in the Yeast-Risen Specialties section of The Modern Baker is Cinnamon Raisin Breakfast […]

16. Marbled Chocolate Brioche Loaf {ModBak} « Of Cabbages & King Cakes - October 23, 2010

[…] second recipe in the third section of The Modern Baker is another brioche loaf. The basic recipe is similar to Quick Brioche, with the […]

17. {Modern Baker} One Step Croissants « Tea and Scones - October 8, 2010

[…] Exchange gal from Australia).Buy the book. Try the recipes. You won’t be sorry.And visit the Modern Bakers and see the beautiful goodies they have. […]

18. Chocolate Babka Loaf {ModBak} « Of Cabbages & King Cakes - October 2, 2010

[…] first of my two “official” blog posts for the Yeast-Risen Specialties section of the Modern Baker Challenge is a delicious recipe, Chocolate Babka. This bread is […]

19. gaaarp - September 25, 2010

Unbeknownst to Renee, she volunteered for the Cinnamon Raisin Breakfast Ring. She already baked and blogged about it, so I made her write-up the official one.

20. ap269 - September 23, 2010

OK, so the second recipe I’m volunteering for is the quick brioche braid. I’ve found two interesting shape versions recently and want to try them out!

gaaarp - September 23, 2010

Great. Thanks! I made this brioche, but I didn’t braid it. I’m looking forward to seeing your shaping techniques.

21. Kayte - September 22, 2010

Great, I wanted the Grissini! Thanks for thinking of me. Looking forward to it. Thanks for all you do for this group, it keeps us moving in a timely (or even untimely manner)!

22. gaaarp - September 21, 2010

I’m picking up the Ginger-Scented Panettone and assigning the Grissini to Kayte. 🙂

23. Cornetti: Olive Oil Rolls from Bologna {ModBak} « Of Cabbages & King Cakes - September 18, 2010

[…] now, I’m ready to move onto the next section of the Challenge, Yeast-Risen Specialties, Sweet and Savory. We will be baking in this section for the rest of the year. There are some great holiday recipes […]

24. Anne Marie - September 11, 2010

Focaccia alla Barese, it looks so delicious. But, where is my pita post one might ask. I am baking the pita right now, my forth time, hoping to get nicer pictures. It will be up today, which thankfully is still September.

gaaarp - September 11, 2010

Thanks for the pita bread update. I’m not one to nag (at least not until close to the end of the month).

I might have guessed you’d pick the recipe with anchovies. Always the adventurous one!

25. Renee - September 11, 2010

Pecan Stickiest Buns!

gaaarp - September 11, 2010

Nice choice! I’ll definitely be baking these along with you.

Abby - September 12, 2010

Me, too! Those look awesome!

26. gaaarp - September 10, 2010

I’ll be baking and blogging the Chocolate Babka Loaf. I’ve wanted to make this since I saw PR make it a few months ago.

27. Abby - September 10, 2010

Hubby picked the marbled chocolate brioche loaf for me, if it’s still available!

gaaarp - September 10, 2010

He’s a good man. This looks like a great recipe, and it’s all yours.

28. Kayte - September 6, 2010

First choice: Cornmeal Buttermilk Waffles and if you need someone to do a second one:
Second choice: Grissini

gaaarp - September 6, 2010

Cornmeal buttermilk waffles, it is. Funny thing — I mixed up the batter for these last night and this morning when I went to make them, I couldn’t find my waffle iron to save my life. The batter was good, though.

I’ll keep you in mind for the Grissini if no one else claims them.

29. Heather - September 5, 2010

I lent my book to my mother-in-law so I can’t even look up the recipes! But I think I recall drooling over the Filled Ham & Cheese Focaccia. I’ll take that one if it’s still available.

gaaarp - September 5, 2010

Il est à vous.

Maybe you should get your m-i-l to claim a recipe, too. She could guest post on your blog if she doesn’t have her own. 🙂

30. astheroshe - September 5, 2010

Kouing Amman! Dying to bake this for a loong time!

gaaarp - September 5, 2010

All yours. This one looks really great. I’m looking forward to reading your post and baking it myself!

31. ap269 - September 5, 2010

I’ll take the one-step croissants.

gaaarp - September 5, 2010

It’s yours!

32. Margaret - September 5, 2010

Dibs on Sfincione: Palermo Focaccia

gaaarp - September 5, 2010

Got it. Congrats on being the first!

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