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Nonna’s Pizza

Blog post by Kayte.



MB Pizza 006
      The third recipe I made from the Yeast-Risen Breads of The Modern Baker 
by Nick Malgieri, was the one for Nonna’s Pizza, on page 118.  (We are not publishing recipes from the book, so if you like what you see, buy the book and bake along with or without us).     

        The ingredient list is not long:  all-purpose flour, salt, yeast, water, olive oil for the dough, and tomatoes, mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, garlic, oregano, and a little more olive oil for the topping.  I added some pepperoni because, unless I wanted to eat an entire pizza myself, the guys are into pepperoni on their pizza…meaning:  if there is no pepperoni, it’s not really pizza and they aren’t interested. 

      The dough went together easily, didn’t take very long, and the taste was just wonderful, we all agreed on that part for sure. 

      We are more fond of pizza sauce rather than just tomatoes on the dough, so while interesting, probably going to go with pizza sauce next time.  I also found that the cheese browned way too quickly in my oven at that temperature for that amount of time, so next time I will add the cheese further along in the baking time to keep it from browning so much.  Despite all that, this was a great pizza and there wasn’t a crumb left to indicate there had even been a pizza for lunch. Definitely a repeat, definitely a very nice tasting crust.  


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